Eastside Youth Soccer Association (EYSA) is committed to providing the best possible soccer experience for its members, and fostering lifelong participation.  As part of this commitment, EYSA aims to place every athlete in an environment that promotes learning and exploration, but most importantly prioritizes fun.


The player placement process can be a nervous time for some players (and parents) so having an understanding of the Eastside methodology of team selection may help ease some of the anxiety.


Mini (U5 - U9)

“Keep as many players as possible, in the best environment possible, for as long as possible”


The preceding statement reflects EYSA’s commitment to the principles of Long Term Player Development (LTPD). In aligning with these principles, EYSA forms grassroots teams with the aim of:

1) creating competitive balance; and 

2) accommodating friend requests as best as possible.


To achieve these goals, EYSA hosts preseason sessions with a focus on fun, player-centred, small-sided games. These sessions help familiarize members with other athletes, coaches, and the club training model we employ.


YOUTH (U11 - U19)

“Finding the right fit for YOU”


Starting with U11 programs, EYSA places teams into different divisions rather than forming balanced teams in a single league.  


When forming rosters, athletes are grouped based on:

  1. Commitment;
  2. Technical Proficiency; 
  3. Tactical Competence; and
  4. Mindset


To assess these attributes, the Eastside Tech team:

  1. Monitors player progress throughout the season with team visits, club training and dialogue with team coaches; and
  2. Conducts player placement sessions using small-sided games and scrimmages. 
    1. For these sessions, the Eastside Tech team forms balanced teams, provides ample playing time, and ensures players have an opportunity to play their desired position(s). This game based approach is used to help reduce stress, promote fun, encourage decision making, and empower players to embrace responsibility.




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